Jan Huijer - team manager agency department

From the Port to the receiver of the cargo.

On the computer screens of the agency department numerous e-mail messages are received from the vessels enroute loaded with commodities mainly from Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Venezuela, Mauretania and the United States.

The agency department will take care that all the vessels may berth safely to its dedicated quay. The vast majority of the vessels will call Rotterdam and a few vessels may call Amsterdam. We do control and coordinate all required services, necessary for these kinds of calls.

As per Jan Huijer' s statement: "Once the discharge operation of the vessel has been completed and the vessel has left its port for the next destination our operational activities have been finished as well!" and "once the master and operator of the vessel are satisfied about our services we may consider that the performance has been satisfactory and okay.

The agency department of thyssenkrupp Veerhaven is usually acting as full agent. Jan Huijer:

"In this way we will take care that all involved parties like cargo owners, stevedores and port authorities are informed timely and we are coordinating the pilot services, towage and boatmen. Furthermore we do play a role for arranging a designated berth, customs clearance, nautical issues when deemed necessary, provisions and immigration formalities once crew change is taking place" In short " Too much to mention and many forms have to be completed and filled in".

Jan Huijer: "We take care of approximately 250 vessels on an annual basis with about 22 million Metric Tons of cargo. The vessels do have a size from 2,500 mt up to 220,000 mt dwat or even way more. Nowadays we are not working with paper forms but we are almost solely working with EDI and ICT based community and archive systems and we are proud to state we are acting virtually paperless. In this way we are able to collect all required information in fast and efficient way. Whenever there is a problem we will find the solution" as per Jan Huijer's statement. "Never think in problems but in solutions. We always go for quality basis 24/7 all year long."

Furthermore as per Jan Huijer's comment

"Sometimes we do face unforeseen circumstances and then it is really important to act as a team. It has to be like this. In principle we have to be able to take over our tasks without any issue. The most exciting part of our job is the fact that every day will give new unforeseen challenges. There is never a dull moment"