Senior Manager

Mr Jos Davidse is playing an important role within the thyssenkrupp Veerhaven organization and as Senior manager he is responsible for the shipping department, divided into: "Rijnvaart" (Inland Shipping Barging Department), Agency Department.

"Rijnvaart" / Inland Shipping Barging Department

From various seaports as located in the Netherlands and Belgium, the "Rijnvaart" department controls, the planning and dispositioning of the commodities together with the Pushbarge fleet and inland barge transport capacities from the terminals and storage areas to Duisburg.

Agency department

The agency department of thyssenkrupp is acting as full agent on behalf of various operators and disponent owners and as such they are covering the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Furthermore they are representing thyssenkrupp Steel Europe as their forwarding agent.

As per interview with mr Jos Davidse, Senior manager Operations
" Always 24/7, the entire year, just in time"

According to Jos Davidse, the draft of the river " Rhine" is an ongoing business. Just a few weeks without any rain may have consequences in the loading capacity of the barges and that may jeopardize the constant flow of iron ore and coals to the Blast Furnaces of thyssenkrupp up river at Duisburg.

That is why we sail 24 hours a day, the whole year long. We always have to anticipate on the ever changing weather events.

Mr Davidse is considering his function logistically wise very interesting. " The vast majority of the challenges are caused by logistical demands. We need to solve these issues constantly." "That makes our job very exciting. Each day again."